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Last Man Standing: What is Sudden Death in Chess?

In chess we’ve all heard of check, checkmate, stalemates, and draws, but what is sudden death in chess? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s actually pretty interesting. Even more interesting is its nickname, “Armageddon chess”. What is Sudden Death in Chess? Sudden death in …

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The Unfortunate Endgame: Why is a Stalemate Not a Win?

You’re playing chess online. You’ve trapped the opponent’s king! But then, draw? Why is a stalemate not a win? I feel like this has happened to everyone at least once. Why is a Stalemate Not a Win? A stalemate is a draw and not a …

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The Dark Side of Bullet Chess: Is Bullet Chess Good for You?

Take the slow, methodical gameplay of chess, give it 10 shots of adrenaline, and what you have is Bullet chess. Is Bullet chess good for you as a beginner player? Is Bullet Chess Good for You? If you’re looking to try new openings and improve …

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The Great Castling Mystery: Who Invented Castling in Chess?

One special move definitely stands out when it’s made on a chess board. Who invented castling in chess? Between castling and en passant, there are really only 2 special moves that can be made on a chess board. How did this rule change come about? …

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The Chess Obsession: Why Is Chess So Addictive? 7 Reasons

I play chess every single day. Probably 10 to 15 games per day. Ok it’s probably closer to 25. So why is chess so addictive? Basically every break in the day, every restroom break, and any time I’m bored I’m playing chess. So why am …

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