To win you must attack. Learn offensive strategies and tactics to make your game impossible to defend.

Queen Hunting: How to Punish Early Queen Attacks

Have you ever started a game and your opponent comes out early with their queen? Learning how to punish early queen attacks is a great way to get a leg up on your opponent. How to Punish Early Queen Attacks Putting pressure on the attacking …

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The Ultimate Chess Sin: What is the Worst First Move in Chess?

Out of the twenty possible moves you can make to start a game, what is the worst first move in chess? Let’s take a deep dive into understanding how to improve your game by NOT starting off with a weak position. What is the Worst …

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The Great Balancing Act – Offense vs Defense in Chess

Offense vs Defense. In chess, which is better? Should you focus heavily on the attack and capturing your opponent’s pieces? Or should you do everything to protect your pieces and let your offense be reactive? Offense vs Defense in Chess Pressuring your opponent with a …

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Chess Warfare: Why is Controlling the Center Important in Chess?

In a game filled with complex strategy and tactics, why is controlling the center important in chess? How can controlling the center of the chess board give you a massive upper hand both offensively and defensively against your opponent? Why is Controlling the Center Important …

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