What is Interference in Chess?

What is interference in chess

Interference is a chess tactic that is often overlooked but can be extremely effective when used correctly. Let’s dive into how you can use this strategy to up your game. What Is Interference in Chess? Interference is a move that blocks a critical square, disconnecting the defense. It interrupts critical lines and can leave your … Read more

Why Are Backward Pawns Bad?

Why are backward pawns bad

The backward pawn is an element of the game of chess that’s critical, but often misunderstood or overlooked. Let’s dive in and show you a quick way to up your game by avoiding this Achilles’ heel. Why Are Backward Pawns Bad? Backward pawns are bad because they’re weakly defended, limit your moves, and turn into … Read more

Is It Better To Accept Or Decline Queen’s Gambit? Arguments for Both

is it better to accept or decline the queen's gambit

The Queen’s Gambit occupies a special place in chess, known for both its historical significance and its psychological edge. It’s a move that immediately poses a question to your opponent: ‘How bold are you feeling today?’ So is it better to accept it or decline it? Is it Better to Accept or Decline Queen’s Gambit? … Read more